American graduate students LAMDA. One of four lectures on the 17th Century

American graduate students LAMDA. One of four lectures on the 17th Century


This talk looks at the women and fops in high society who risked disfigurement and sometimes death in their desire to look fashionable. Learn about the fascinating products sold to them by their wigmakers including false eyebrows, patches, and plumpers – their version of Botox. Hear the story of the tragic beauty, totally addicted to her own beauty, who died from the Ceruse paint which was used to create her perfect complexion.

It also looks at the elaborate hair styles of the 17th and 18th century, how they were achieved at a time with no hairspray and the horrors of changing them.

The talk is accompanied by a powerpoint presentation and can also include a demonstration of the Make-up



WI Box Hill - The Fashionable Face of the RestorationHigh society in Restoration England had strict rules of etiquette which you ignored at your peril. Learn the rules for taking snuff in company, the language of the fan and how to behave in the presence of people of higher status. Using the wonderful Samuel Pepys as our guide discover life in 17th century London – it’s pleasures and it’s pitfalls.

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* this talk can be combined with the Fashionable Face of the Restoration to become a longer lecture on Restoration London



Louis XIV learnt early on in his reign the perils of kingship and quickly took personal control of even the smallest details of matters of state and everyday life at his court. Fearful of his nobles he controlled them by establishing the most glittering Court in Europe where they became trapped in the everyday rituals which he established. Style was everything at Versailles and this lecture tells how Louis bankrupted the French aristocracy with fashion and then lent them the money to lead them further into his debt.

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James 1st was called the wisest fool in Christendom but he was a a clever man. During his reign he supported theatre and the Arts and William Shakespeare wrote some of his finest plays to be performed at Court for the King. James was the guiding force which created the King James Bible but he fought in vain against the growing fashion for smoking tobacco. This talk/lecture looks at Jacobean society and it’s King.

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Coming as a country bumpkin to England’s Tudor capital. William Shakespeare had much to learn if he was to succeed both as a playwright and actor. 16th century London was a violent and treacherous place to navigate. Every playwright’s goal was a Court performance but first you needed to learn the social etiquette, what to wear and most importantly of all to impress the Master of the Revels who controlled every aspect of Royal productions. Learn how he succeeded and retired a wealthy man aged fourty nine.

Lecture with powerpoint presentation

UCL London Greek department project Make-up and hair

UCL London Greek department project make-up and hair


I have had the pleasure of working with Rosemarie for well over thirty years and have observed not only the sheer breath of knowledge that a lifetime in the theatre has brought us, but also the wonderful way in which she communicates the detail to young people. Rosemarie’s work is essential in bringing together all the contextual elements that inform an actor when researching the life and times of a play and its characters. An actor needs to be inspired to find out more, and that is best done by someone who knows and understands actors and their craft. To that end, the more practical and the less academic the lecture can be, the more engaging is the result. I cannot recommend Rosemarie too highly.

Rodney Cottier, Head of Drama School, Lamda


  • Style through the centuries
  • Make-up in the 20th Century
  • Where‘s the make-up lady ? A lighthearted and often hilarious look at a career in professional make-up