Late Bloomers


Speaking as a Late Bloomer myself I find the advice for women over the age of sixty five in the fashion pages either minimal or [ if you are over seventy ] none existent. So here from my own experience are some ideas to help you update your image, My number one piece of advice is to get a new haircut. A great cut makes a huge difference to the way you look. Take courage in hand, ditch your stylist if they dont want to help and find a new one. How ? well I walked around the town centre where I live looking into hairdressers until my eye was caught by a fantastic cut on a middle aged woman. I immediately walked in and booked an appointment with that stylist and have never regretted it. I get compliments all the time on it AND it is so much easier to look after now. I get it cut three or four times a year. To color or not to colour – that is the question ! Well if you were dark haired and have thick hair  grey with a great cut looks wonderful. Otherwise as the face ages softer colours are definately kinder. I have a colleague who hung on to her dark hair for far too long. It thinned and you could see her scalp through it, it looked awful. Then one day she appeared with a new pale pale blonde and it looked great and thicker. Her scalp no longer showed and it took years off her face. I shall deal with make-up next time meanwhile please feel free to email me if you need advice.


So now you have a great hair style it is time to look at the face. Make-up articles, when they give we LATE BLOOMERS a cursory glance warn us about the perils of too much make-up. Clearly we dont want to look like mutton dressed as lamb but the ageing face loses definition and a good subtle make-up is really helpful.

Lets start with foundation. Sadly you will have to abandon your trusty bronzer unless you avoid all the lined areas of your face, the lovely shimmer you adored will simply make lines more noticeable. I would also be very careful about mineral make-up which being quite matte can be very ageing on older skin. Have a look at BB cremes which are a sort of concealor cum primer cum foundation. After some internet research I tried an inexpensive Rimmel one and found that it evened up my skin well and the result was very natural. The advantage of these creams is that they are tinted and seem to match to your skin tone easily. However some BB creams are heavier than others so always try on your hand before buying.


I often ponder the popularity of brushes for applying powder. Of course it makes lots of lovely money for brush manufacturers and they certainly feel nice but they don’t actually set make-up properly. The function of powder is to hold  the foundation and prevent unwanted shine. This can only be done by pressing powder onto it , ideally you should use a velour puff [ available in most Boots and Superdrug but Charles Fox do two sizes – choice is always good ] and gently press and roll a translucent powder over the skin until it disappears. Then run your fingertips over the face to check for sticky bits and powder them. Eye lids and directly under the eyes often get missed. Moist lids make eye shadows blend unevenly and crease, and  forgetting to do under the eyes is a very effective mascara remover !

When I first trained at the famous Max Factor Salon in Bond Street we were taught to use a powder brush afterwards, this was rather like a little babies hairbrush but curved to fit the face . It did an excellent job but I think now that if you powder properly it shouldn’t be necessary to do this.

LATE BLOOMER TIP – For myself and other women of a certain age I only powder the centre of the face and the eye area as too matte a finish can be ageing.