WI Box Hill - The Fashionable Face of the RestorationThis talk looks at the women and fops in high society who risked disfigurement and sometimes death in their desire to look fashionable. Learn about the fascinating products sold to them by their wigmakers including false eyebrows, patches, and plumpers – their version of Botox. Hear the story of the tragic beauty, totally addicted to her own beauty, who died from the Ceruse paint which was used to create her perfect complexion.

It also looks at the elaborate hair styles of the 17th and 18th century, how they were achieved at a time with no hairspray and the horrors of changing them.

The talk is accompanied by a Powerpoint Presentation and can also include a demonstration of the Make-up.

‘ The potted history of Charles II, the Restoration, wigs and their owners set the scene for your make-up demonstration when you transformed one of our members into a Lady of the Court. What a transformation it was – with patches, wig and the palest of faces she was hardly recognisable ! Our members thoroughly enjoyed the demonstration, thank you ‘

The Secretary, Ewell Court W1, Surrey