Coming as a country bumpkin to England’s Tudor capital. William Shakespeare had much to learn if he was to succeed both as a playwright and actor. 16th century London was a violent and treacherous place to navigate. Every playwright’s goal was a Court performance but first you needed to learn the social etiquette, what to wear and most importantly of all to impress the Master of the Revels who controlled every aspect of Royal productions. Learn how he succeeded and retired a wealthy man aged fourty nine.

Lecture with Powerpoint Presentation


The FIWAL Annual President’s lunch on 9th November 2016 at the Park Tower Hotel was delighted with speaker, Rosemarie Swinfield’s, lively and fascinating presentation about Shakespeare and his theatrical world. She produced all kinds of unusual nuggets of information about the great man and the society he operated in, which kept the ladies riveted. We want her back for more.
Thank you Rosemarie for an excellent piece of entertaining history.

Caroline Muir